About us

With cumulative experience of over 30+ years in the insurance industry, our team is made up of experienced, qualified and forward-thinking people. We believe its time to bring your benefits plan to the 21st century.

Who are we?

We are an independent employee benefits brokerage and advisory agency. We are founded and located in Toronto, but we service employers all over Canada. RIS is part of a larger network of companies owned by Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation (or EPIC for short) that operates in the insurance and alternative healthcare space.

Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to employee healthcare, industry expertise and excellent customer service. We will help you understand your employee health needs better, select the plan that will be cost-effective and look after your employee benefits while you take care of your business.

And we do this with an entrepreneurial and “never-done-before” mindset – all while looking after our clients and employees alike.

Where did we come from?

A few years ago, the founders of our parent company, EPIC, began asking themselves how certain alternative health products and services could be better delivered to and priced for consumers.

Together, with their knowledge and experience in global financial services, the founders developed an innovative approach to Canadian healthcare that focuses on employers, practitioners, patients, and service providers.

To learn more about the EPIC group of companies, check out what our sister companies are up to below!


What do we believe in?

Your business is moving ahead with the times and your benefits plan should too. Traditional employee benefits plans in the marketplace have been around for far too long. Built to meet archaic needs and without a sustainable foundation, these plans do not meet the needs of today’s workforce.

We believe it's time to rethink employee benefits and we want to walk this journey with you. Our logo is made up of many different pieces coming together to move forward. This showcases our promise to partner with you and your employees to take your employee benefits experience to the next level.

So, let’s move forward together.