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Investing in your bottom line is important when looking after the success of your business. After all, it is your employees who keep it running. If you want your business to be a well-oiled machine, check out our tips.


So, you want to be a networker?

Networking can be quite the undertaking – but when it comes to growing personally and professionally, it’s non-negotiable. Here are some things to think about before your next event.


Diversity in insurance?

Over the years, companies have been making great strides towards incorporating inclusive business practices. We’ve seen change in areas like pay and parental leave… but benefits plans have remained untouched. Now’s the time to reconstruct.


Employee cost-share: Unequal benefits for equal work?

Unequal pay isn’t the only way that women are unjustly impacted. There are other aspects to compensation – and a benefits package is one of those components. This is important for employers to consider as they search for the right employee health plan design.


Spotting and developing leaders within your company

Organizational behaviour has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. The success of your company isn’t just about the “now”. Investing in the future of your business means digging for those who will carry it in the years to come.

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