What we bring to the table



You have the questions, we have the answers.

Whether your question is about the right time to offer benefits, where to start, or which plan will attract top talent to your business, we have just the solution for you.

We understand the bigger picture.

We know that your employee benefits plan is merely a part of your entire compensation strategy. Let us walk with you in structuring your plan so that it is strategically aligned with your business philosophy.


Our benefits strategies are ADAPTABLE

Custom solutions.

Gone are the days when off-the-shelf plans could satisfy all your employees’ wants. Your benefits plan now needs to satisfy the unique health needs of up to four diverse generations in your workforce.

Flexibility is the magic word.

Who knows the health needs of employees better than employees themselves? We work hard to design a plan that will provide just the right balance between protection and flexibility.


Our plan designs are SUSTAINABLE

Don’t break the bank.

An average increase of 19% in traditional health plans is now common place. We have put our minds together to isolate key features that will make and keep your benefits plan budget-friendly in the long-run.

Built on a solid foundation.

Intelligently designed benefits plans protect against sudden surprises during renewal times.

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What to expect

We’ll take care of your group’s benefits plan while you take care of your business.


Preliminary consultation.

Our experts help businesses understand the needs of employees, introduce them to the market, and identify plan sponsors’ goals.


Develop plan design.

Intelligent design is key to a cost-effective benefits plan. No matter the company size, we tailor plans to cover the needs of all your employees.


Plan implementation.

RIS consultants take care of clients every step of the way – from installation with the insurer to educating employees on using the plan.


Quoting plan options.

We obtain competitive pricing, negotiate with insurers, and assist our clients in selecting the right provider and plan design.


On-going support and servicing.

Questions and concerns are bound to come up. Our customer service team is ready to assist plan sponsors and employees at any time.


Renewal analysis & advice.

We examine the plan design and claims experience to negotiate rates, evaluate performance in relation to the market, and identify improvements.


Want to find out which plan will meet your business needs?