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A mid-sized landscape company gets the quality service and rates they deserve

Posted Aug 26th, 2016 in Results

The Business:

A medium-sized company established in 2010 is operating in the landscaping and reclamation business with about 150 employees. There are 3 owners with shares in the company.

The Challenge:

The company has an employee benefits plan but is unhappy with the current rate increase of 20% they have just been served. 

Their benefits advisor is rarely in touch with the owners once the plan was first set up in 2010 and hasn’t negotiated a better deal for them.

The owners discussed shopping around for a new benefits advisor who would help them get a plan that is sustainable in the long term. They want to find an agency that would negotiate good deals for them and keep them up to speed with the latest in the industry.

Periodic analysis of how well the plan meets the employees’ needs would be a bonus.

The Revolution Solution:

The company engages Revolution for audit services and the Revolution Benefits team is referred to the owners by the audit team. The benefits experts do a complimentary analysis of the company’s current plan and presents their analysis and findings.

Since Revolution doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach, a customized solution is proposed and the client sees the value-added services offered and appoints Revolution as their official agent of record. Revolution now approaches insurers on behalf of the company and obtains quotes for customized plan design that address the many deficiencies of the current design.

The benefits team negotiates the best deal for the company and even presents this to the company’s executives at the next board meeting. The company owners are happy with the services – a team that listens and develops sustainable plans.

They now have peace of mind knowing that they wouldn’t be shocked at their next renewal with drastic increases!

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