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Your benefits plan should take a thorough, holistic approach that considers your full financial picture.

Posted Aug 31st, 2016 in The revolution advantage, Build a better plan

An employee benefits plan is a big spend. That's why Revolution brings a team of financial, tax and accounting experts to the table, no matter what the size of your business.

If you’re like many employers, you likely have two main reasons for having an employee benefits plan.

One is that offering benefits helps your company be seen as an employer of choice – one that cares about its employees so you can both attract and retain the top performers in their field.

The other reason is around tax efficiency – since benefits are not taxable, spending money on a benefits plan allows you to offer a better total compensation package than you could if you paid it all out in salary.

We can help you develop a benefits program that meets those needs and more.

When we work with your business – whether smaller or larger – we look beyond the basic options for your plan. We delve into your business and evaluate each option in the context of where your business is today, where it's going and what your financial picture looks like.

After all, not only does  your benefits plan have to meet the needs of your employees, it has to make your CFO happy. And that happens when your bottom line is protected.

This is what makes our holistic approach different. 

With our end-to-end knowledge of business, insurance and tax structures, we are uniquely positioned to design a plan that best meets your needs - long term.

When you work with our benefits advisors, you also benefit from having our full team of financial professionals, including actuaries, tax professionals and accountants.

In fact, you have the experience of a global company behind you, one that believes that anything related to your business financials must be evaluated in context.

When we bring you a recommendation, you can be confident that we've considered all the angles. 

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