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Posted Aug 31st, 2016 in The revolution advantage, Build a better plan

We build your plan from the ground up to provide long-term sustainability, and to protect against surprises when renewal time comes around.

In your business, you’re probably keeping your eyes open for new opportunities, new ways to meet your customers’ needs, and of course watching for any changes that might affect your company’s future. Your benefits plan must do the same thing.

It's our job to help ensure your benefits plan stays current.

When you engage Revolution as your benefits advisor, we'll stay in touch long after the initial plan is delivered. We'll work with you to monitor and anticipate how your employees’ needs might be changing over the long-term.

For example, if your current workforce is young, their needs may be focused on providing support for their families and children. However, as they get older, this may shift and they may need help meeting the needs of their own parents. Or, they may need a different type of support in staying physically active and healthy themselves.

Part of that is keeping you informed.

You also need a benefits plan that keeps up with changes in the products and services that can meet your employees’ needs.

We regularly invest the time to meet with service providers, read the literature, and attend benefits conferences – so you don’t have to.

And future-proofed.

One aspect of future-proofing your employee benefits plan is finding a way for the plan to meet sudden, catastrophic events in your employees’ lives.

This could include a serious accident or disability that overwhelms the employee and their family with decisions and expenses.

Devastating surprises can also come in the form of a need for high-cost pharmaceuticals to treat rare conditions. Many of these newly developed drugs cost in the tens and hundreds of thousands per year, putting many family financial resources under an unbearable strain.

We can work with you so you have a way to support your employees and their families – without causing undue pressure on your company’s finances.

With the Revolution team, you'll be looked after for the long-term.

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