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Why do you want accountants involved in the design of your benefits plan?

Posted Sep 6th, 2016 in Build a better plan, Featured

For any sized business, an employee benefits plan is a big spend, which we firmly believe should be considered carefully within the context of your entire financial picture.

An accountant can offer valuable guidance to the financial aspects of your benefits planning process. 

In any sized company, an employee benefits plan requires a significant financial investment.

If you were making any other significant spend – such as leases or major equipment purchases – you would be looking to maximize tax efficiencies. You should be doing the same with your benefits planning.

An accountant is qualified to offer the strategic thinking, tax planning, risk measurement and financial management that will help you evaluate any plan recommendations within the context of your company's current financial state and future goals.

Because, as much as you want to keep your employees happy with wonderful benefits, you also need to keep your CFO happy. And that starts with a healthy bottom line.

So, what can Revolution Insurance Services offer?

When you work with our Employee Benefits Specialists, you also benefit from having our full team of financial professionals on your side. 

Accounting-related expertise. Our professionals will look at your benefits plan with an eye to optimizing the costs for one of your most important talent-attracting and retention initiatives. You'll get all the upsides of offering a benefits plan for your staff, while leveraging the efficiencies our professionals will bring to the table.

Tax strategy expertise. Our professionals will help you develop a tax strategy that is most favourable for your company – and in this case, your employees as well. Along with attracting and retaining your top talent, another solid reason for offering a benefits plan is the tax efficiencies a plan represents over just paying more cash. Employee benefits are not taxable and this means that your employees get an enhanced compensation package, while reducing the costs to your company.

Access to actuarial services. Our actuarial professionals provide services in the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty. These professionals monitor the effectiveness of the benefits plan we create on your behalf, based on our actuaries’ understanding of how premium rates reflect the type, number and volume of the claims your employees make.

The Revolution team provides a range of services that you can count on to take care of your employees – with the advantage of taking care of your bottom line, as well.

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