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A Toronto pharmacy expands to second location and struggles to find an employee benefits insurer

Posted Sep 8th, 2016 in Results

The Business:

A sole proprietor is running a pharmacy with his brother and wants to have a benefits plan to meet his current needs and also be flexible enough to cover the needs of the staff he is planning to hire in the upcoming months as he opens his second location at Markham. Currently, he and his brother work in his pharmacy in downtown Toronto.

The Challenge:

The proprietor is not even sure what solutions are available in the market for a small business owner like himself and insurers won’t even speak to him directly.

They say he needs a minimum number of staff before being eligible to buy their insurance products and don’t offer any more advice.

Frustrated, the proprietor Googled 'employee benefits plan advisors in Toronto' and found Revolution Insurance Services. He then contacted our team to get some advice.

The Revolution Solution:

The Revolution team introduced different plan options the business owner had at this stage of the business life cycle and how he should plan for his future staffing increases.

We designed the plan, made sure it was set up correctly and walked him through every step of the way.

The team answered all the questions he had without bouncing him around like the insurers did and dealt with the providers on his behalf explaining away all the insurance industry jargon in simple layman’s terms.

The result was a hassle-free and well-guided implementation of a benefits plan for the owners with next steps all planned up as soon as he scores his location from his realtor in Markham.

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