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Startup graduates from incubator program and sets its sights on employee benefits

Posted Jan 27th, 2017 in Results

The Business:

A small-sized events management firm that recently completed an incubator program is now growing by leaps and bounds, currently employs 5 events specialists, and has taken on a new office space. The owner has signed a big contract and wants to keep her staff healthy and happy.

The Challenge:

The business has never had an employee benefits plan before and wants to launch its very first one soon. The owner is an expert in events management, but has no HR experience or knowledge of benefits planning. She needs an unbiased opinion on what benefits are valued by employees in today’s market and what other events management firms offer. She wants to meet her employees' health needs while using it as a compensation perk!

The Revolution Solution:

The firm hears of our benefits practice through their next-door neighbours in the corporate complex. The Revolution team personally met with the owner and presented their customized solutions and recommendation.

We filled in the knowledge gap for what’s trending in the benefits market and which plan the firm should start with, as well as how it can continue to tailor its plan to accompany the firm’s growth.

We provided unbiased advice and represented the firm when dealing with providers, providing it with the buying power and consumer knowledge required to get the best deal.

The Revolution team worked on the boring details and worked closely with the owner at every step, set the plan in place and delivered an in-person employee information session at the firm’s new office. What an end to the week as the big news was announced and was met with cheers from all the staff members!

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