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I’m looking to boost my group benefits coverage for my employees. What should I be shopping around for?

Posted Mar 10th, 2017 in Employer FAQs

Excellent question! Employees’ needs are changing with the times and so is our public healthcare system from time to time.

Revisiting your group benefits plan design every 3-4 years is a good idea to ensure you are getting your money's worth and are keeping up with changing needs of employees.

New claims technologies emerge regularly – such as pay-direct cards and claims submission by mobile app.

And, insurance carriers are always developing new products – such as Health Care Spending Accounts, flex plans, wellness programs, preventive treatments coverage, employee assistance programs and Critical Illness insurance.

Although there is no 'absolute' on when you should revisit your employee benefits plan, keeping in contact with your benefits advisor will help them stay in touch with the needs of your diverse workforce and advise on adapting your plan to those needs.

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