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Customer service in the automatic-everything era

By Stephanie Caramete

Posted Feb 15th, 2019

Customer service in the automatic-everything era

Why e-care matters and how it has improved the customer experience

At some point in our technological craze, it appears that companies have seemingly moved towards removing the service from customer service. But is it all cons? Or can there be any pros to this conundrum? I’m here to tell you that we shouldn’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

But before jumping into it, we need to determine a working definition. So, what is digital customer service? A well-known digital customer service platform describes it as meeting the needs of customers through a variety of digital mediums – think live chats, text messages, emails, social media and company websites¹. In order to get a 360° view of the experience, we’ll have to examine it from the perspective of the customer and that of the service specialist.

As a customer, think about the time wasted listening to an entire phone menu (or several), and then waiting on hold “for the next available customer service representative”. Contrast this to jumping onto a website and chatting with a live agent. Which one is likely to yield a quicker response? Obviously, the latter. In addition to shorter wait times, customer satisfaction is an important factor to consider as well. Studies show that those using digital service avenues were 19% more satisfied than those using traditional customer care – such as phone, snail mail and fax². On these two reasons alone, going digital is already looking more favourable.

From the business perspective, it’s crucial that we take workload and profit into account. Studies also show that digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable than their competitors³. What you might be wondering is how e-care is able to contribute to the management of workload. Consider how a queue of calls works. The customer service representative doesn’t know which needs are coming their way. However, if they have emails and social media posts to sort through, staff will be able to prioritize urgent tasks.

Now, what does all this have to do with your group benefits? Thought you might ask. Aside from plan administrators being able to communicate with their broker through multiple channels, there are perks for your employees as well. For instance, plan members are able to access their plan booklets and benefits cards online. This means no longer having to get several people involved for a card to be reissued, and instant access to plan specifics.

With everything being online these days, it’s important that your business is able to keep up with this demand. E-care saves time, increases customer satisfaction, prioritizes workload, and even benefits your company and its employees.

Not sounding so bad after all now is it?

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