Are you hurting the women in your workforce?

We know that employee benefits are employer-sponsored perks designed to supplement income and incentivize employee retention. They can be a phenomenal way to support employees while encouraging health and wellness. Deciding what benefits to offer can be a challenge to the management team who often has to weigh the impacts of both employee satisfaction and plan sponsor cost management.

As a part of our commitment to women and to thought leadership, we will be publishing a series of articles encouraging plan sponsors to think about how women in the workplace can be negatively impacted by management decisions when it comes to their group benefits coverage. In this aptly named series “Understanding the gap: A gender-based assessment of insurance” we will be exploring insurance gaps and their tendency to disadvantage women in the workplace.

This series will be a thought-provoking set of articles, written to engage leadership with in-depth needs assessments. As businesses grow and change, they should always question how they can best support the employees who keep their business, well… in business.