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Health Benefits Tips

Strategies for building a better employee benefits plan

Take a few minutes to check out the tips here. We're confident you'll find a nugget or two that you can take back to the table for consideration.

What expenses are covered by a Health Care Spending Account?

Posted Sep 26th, 2016

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides a list of medical expenses eligible for the medical tax credit.

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What should be the primary goals for my company's benefits plan?

Posted Sep 6th, 2016

When you are embarking on setting up an employee benefits plan for your company there are a few key goals and objectives you should consider to help guide the way the plan is built.

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Why do you want accountants involved in the design of your benefits plan?

Posted Sep 6th, 2016

For any sized business, an employee benefits plan is a big spend which should be considered carefully within the context of your entire financial picture.

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3 ways an intelligent plan design helps prevent fraud & abuse

Posted Apr 19th, 2017

Anyone in business wants to focus on growing their own business – not getting pulled down into the weeds on a topic such as employees who defraud and abuse the company’s benefits plan. So is there a way to sow measures into your benefits plan that will reduce chances of fraud and deter abuse of benefits? Yes, there is.

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Preventing employee benefits fraud and abuse

Posted Apr 7th, 2017

Stories of fraud and abuse of group benefits have recently rocked the Toronto Transit Commission, York Regional Police and Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital. If these large organizations cannot prevent employee benefits fraud, what chance do small and mid-size companies have?

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What some employers miss in a benefits plan that attracts top employees

Posted Mar 24th, 2017

Many small to mid-size companies rely on their benefits plan to help them attract and keep good employees. Here are a few tips to consider.

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